Pool Ozone

pool ozone

Pool Ozone

Pool ozone generators provide a safe, chlorine free swimming environment for your family to enjoy.

Rhino Pools provides swimming pool ozone generator  installation, repair and renovation services in Pretoria & Centurion.

Pool ozone generators are cost effective to operate and safe to use in your swimming pool.


Pool Ozone Generators

Ozone Generators

Ozonate your pool or spa to create a chlorine free, safe environment for your family and friends. Ozonated water is free from water-borne pathogens, viruses and bacteria as well as toxic and potentially harmful elements present in our water. A properly ozonated pool or spa will be crystal clear like you’ve never seen before!

These powerful units are the most versatile of the products we offer. The typical use would be for swimming pools up to about 80 000 L. Other applications would include purifying water in koi ponds, spa baths and large water tanks.


  • Standard Product Range: (Comes with 2 year manufacturer’s warranty)
  • P002 – 3g/h – Pools up to 30 000 Litres complete with venturi kit & water cooled
  • P003 – 5g/h – Pools up to 50 000 Litres complete with venturi kit & water cooled
  • P004 – 8g/h – Pools up to 80 000 Litres complete with venturi kit & water cooled
  • Venturi kit includes ozone resistant tubing for ozone delivery as well as tubing for water cooling system.
  • Dimensions: Width: 290mm ; Height: 210mm ; Depth: 140mm
  • Weight: 3g/h = 2 kg / 5g/h = 3.5kg / 8g/h = 4.2kg


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