Pool Products

pool products

Pool Products

Pool products available from Rhino Pools include swimming pool salt chlorinators, swimming pool filters, swimming pool weirs and swimming pool pumps.

Rhino Pools provides installation, repair and renovation services for all of the pool products you see below in the Pretoria and Centurion  area.

Salt ChlorinatorsPool FiltersPool WeirsPool PumpsDuo Tanning Chair
Salt Chlorinators
A salt chlorinator is designed to convert salt to chlorine gas which is much less harmful and corrosive than granular chlorine. Salt chlorinated water is more gentle on the skin and eyes and does not aggravate asthma in children nor does it cause bleaching of hair and clothes.

Health Chloor salt chlorinators are the preferred brand of salt chlorinator at Rhino Pools as they have titanium electrodes and offer an extended life-span of 5-8 years as opposed to 3-5 years offered by other brands of salt chlorinator.

swimming pool salt chlorinator 

Pool Filters

The swimming pool filter is the heart of the filtration system. The pool filter must be matched according to the volume of water in the pool and should be paired with the correctly rated swimming pool pump.

Filter sand can easily get clogged up with fine dirt and leaves as well as dog hair which is why the pool filter should be backwashed and rinsed at least once per week in order to loosen and get rid of dirt.

swimming pool filter
General pool pump to pool filter combination ratings
Pool size Pool filter Pool pump
up to 55 000 L 2 Bag filter  0.45kw / 0.6kw
55 000 L – 75 000 L 3 Bag filter 0.75kw
75 000 L – 85 000 L 4 Bag filter 1.1kw
85 000 L and upwards 5 Bag filter 1.5kw

POOL Weirs

Swimming Pool Weirs The weir is the heart of your pool’s suction system and should be well-placed right in the beginning when the pool is first built or installed. Bad placement of the weir results in unnecessarily long pool cleaner pipes which result in twisting and the cleaner getting stuck in corners.

The pool pump can also suffer damage as a result of the pool cleaner pipe being too long since the extra length of suction pipe forces the pump to labour excessively during the process of pulling water over the total extended length from the pool cleaner head to the pool filter.

swimming pool weir

POOL Pumps

Swimming Pool Pump Our preferred brand of swimming pool pump to install is the Speck Pumps range as this brand of pool pump is completely reliable and repairs are easily done since the pumps are locally manufactured and therefore spares are easily obtained.

Speck pumps have a higher flow rate than any other brand of swimming pool pump in South Africa. Their unique impeller design allows for greater suction through the pump diffuser which in turn pushes a greater volume of water through the pool filter and pipes than other pool pumps in their class.

swimming pool pump

Duo Tan Chair

The Duo-Tan chair is a very versatile piece of pool furniture as it can be used on grass or on paving and it can float around like a lilo on the pool. It is very stable and one need not even get wet when climbing onto the Duo-Tan chair on the water.

The Duo-Tan chair comes with a built in drink holder as well as carry handles and is ergonomically designed for improved comfort whilst soaking up the sun’s rays. The back section is angled in an upward arc for optimal collection of the sun’s UV rays.

The Duo-Tan chair is made to order using isopthalic fibreglass products which make it light, waterproof and robust. Custom colours can be done but this will incur additional costs. Call today for a price.