The proper way to deal with swimming pool leaks

There is always a right way and a wrong way. At Rhino Pools we believe in doing things the right way. Having been repairing pools for the past 22 years, Ryan recently started up a new branch in Ballito we are on a mission to show other pool companies where they are going wrong. The workmanship, in general, is really bad and there seems to be no standard whatsoever. We guarantee that we do things properly and we give real workmanship guarantees on our work.

We feel that there is a serious lack of basic knowledge of pools amongst the local pool companies in Ballito and along the Dolphin Coast. For example, in the image below it can clearly be seen that plumbing fittings were used when this pump was installed by a prominent pool company in Ballito. Plumbing fittings are for running water and are not pressure rated in any way. If you have any of these types of fittings anywhere on the piping system call us immediately to rectify the issue. These fittings are prone to cracking and bursting very easily and can cause a pool pump to burn out and a pool lining to get damaged due to being exposed as a result of being out of the water